Friday, February 12, 2010

Guidebook for living in Korea


Last Monday, Korean language classes at the women's center where I study resumed after a short winter break. When I dropped by the office to submit my updated contact form, I saw stacks of new books on the floor, including the new textbooks. I heard that they had revised the curriculum for the program. I noticed this guidebook among the stacks of books, I immediately asked one of the staff if I can have a copy. I remember reading about it somewhere in the web. This guidebook has versions in English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and of course Korean. Heck, I think I even saw one in Tagalog.

guidebuk2 guidebuk3

"Guidebook for Living in Korea for Foreigners"or 한국생활 가이드북 is really helpful for foreigners living in Korea, especially migrant women. It contains some general info and introduction about South Korea, about places to go, visa, transportation, employment info and even labor issues. Most of the contents are intended for migrant women. There are guides on pregnancy, childcare, education of children and all of those stuff. It could have been better if they included a list of hospitals and educational centers that we can easily go to. Although there are lists of phone numbers and websites should you need some assistance while living in Korea.


You can grab a copy from any Multicultural Family Support Center. You can also download a PDF copy from They said it would be up and running by February but last time I checked, the website is still unaccessible.


Golden said...

Hi sis. Glad to know that people of Seoul were safe from the quake. Thanks by the way for the warm message. I was glad we just had a mild quake.

That book seems to be very helpful. Does Philippines have that kind of book? A guidebook for foreigners in the Philippines? I doubt it though. :D

Lots of love,

Jempres said...

Thanks Golden.
I think I may have seen some sort of guidebooks in the Philippines. Although they're not really too helpful as they contain more of restaurants and tourist spots guide and no phone numbers nor addresses that you might need in case something happens to you. ㅜ_ㅜ