Monday, January 25, 2010

Goo Jun Pyo's Vegetarian Meal

Dosirak (도시락) is the Korean term for packed meal or lunchboxes. It is the Korean equivalent of Japan's bento. The ultimate dosirak content has got to be kimbap or rice rolls. Just simple, easy and inexpensive. But nowadays, just like the Japanese counterpart, it has become more sophisticated and has turned into art. Check out this Korean guy's blog for pictures.

This vegetarian dosirak was made on an impulse. Sometime last year, I was gonna join an online contest for bentos showcasing a vegetarian menu but for some reason wasn't able to submit it.

Goo Jun Pyo inspired dosirak includes some small rice balls rolled into some crushed seaweed laver (김) for the Goo JunPyo-style hair(구준표) , 계란마리-gyeran mari or eggrolls, boiled flower-shaped carrots and cherry tomatoes for fillers on the top compartment. On the second compartment- 시금치 ,콩나물 무침 or seasoned spinach and beansprouts , some fried tofu, 호박전 or pan-fried zuccini slices, 팽이버섯 or seasoned enoki mushrooms, cucumber strips tied with spring onion, dongchimi (동치미) strips also tied with spring onion. dongchimi (동치미) is the winter radish kimchi. And some boiled flower-shaped carrots for fillers. I use only olive and grapeseed oil for this meal for that full vegetarian effect.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Pinoy develops new Malaria vaccine

Filipino entomologist and biologist at John Hopkins University Hospital Rhoel Dinglasan discovered a new vaccine against Malaria. This one is called TBV or transmission-blocking vaccine. It actually works by preventing the Malaria-carrying mosquitos from spreading it.

Check out the story on Times magazine.

The Korea Herald also runs a story on this.
This is how a Pinoy scientist looks like. Here's his pic I stole borrowed from Daphne's.


I wanna share a really inspiring short film - Validation. Starring Fox drama Bones' TJ Thyne and Vicki Davis. Check out what the power of smile can do.

Smile. You're wonderful.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Prayers for baby Emma

This is baby Emma. She was born 10 weeks early at 990 grams on October 21, 2009. She has underdeveloped kidneys, heart and lungs which are causing numerous problems on her fragile little body. After her first operation, her lungs began functioning well and she seemed to be growing strong and healthy. But on a Sunday night a month later, Emma went thru a septic shock. It is a fatal infection in the blood stream that shuts down all the organs. She had gone through dialysis and several surgeries including stitching up a ripped intestine.
As of now, baby Emma has already undergone 10 operations. She has made this far and still showing so much strength. She needs our prayers.

I'm urging you to pray for Emma.

1: Her brain. Pray that there would be no long-term brain damage from all the
challenges she's faced.
2: Her kidneys: Pray that her kidneys would function in perfect health to filter her body and produce urine on a daily basis.
3: Her intestines: Pray that this would also heal as soon as possible.
4: The doctors told us today that her lungs seem to be getting a bit weaker the past few days.
Pray for strength and health for the lungs too.
5: Her heart: Her heart rate dropped quite a bit several times the past few days. Pray it would be strong again.
Your prayer support is Emma's life support.
Check her facebook page.
UPDATE: Eddie and Hyun's princess~ Baby Emma Byun passed away on Saturday morning, Jan. 23. Thank you for all your prayers and support. Please continue to pray for the strength of the family.
My condolences.