Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sorbetero in Korea

Do you remember your mamang sorbetero? You know, those manongs going around your neighborhood selling what others call "dirty ice cream" in a pushcart similar to this one in the picture, only more colorful. They would let us know they're coming by ringing those hand-held bells. We would then get our scoops of good deliciousness for only just a few pesos. Sigh... Those are the times.
So I was so excited when I spotted this pushcart ice cream in Korea. I immediately run to her to purchase my scoops of deliciousness. This one is quite expensive though. You get a cone with 2 scoops for 1000 won, and the taste is a little disappointing. I'd rather get one of those ice cream cones from Lotteria or even Mcdonalds. But it's still fun seeing it though. And cute parasol.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Korean language class

I've been studying Korean language these days. Probably harder than ever. I've got a couple of good books on Korean verbs and words. I also attend a Korean language class twice a week. In this class, there are about 15 or 16 of us, my classmates are from Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Uzbekistan and Yemen. There is only one other Filipina whose son incidentally goes to the same school with my daughter. Our 선생님 is a quite a good teacher who can also speak English and Chinese. Attending this class is very helpful for me as I get a lot of practice speaking in Korean. Though I'm quite disappointed that there aren't a lot of activities or tours that others have experienced in their classes.
We've already finished our book for this term, so this week, we are to take this long test of basic Korean expressions and greetings. In the book there is a list of greetings translated in different languages. I just find it kinda inconvenient that there isn't one in English. There's Filipino/Tagalog translation though. But I find it hard to use coz some of the translation's a bit off, reminds me of the 'Rainbow' mags. So I have to study every word of those expressions and translate them myself, and it's taking up a lot of time. But my husband thinks it's a good way though.
After this week, we are to take a long summer vacation from the class. I'm starting to look for other acticvities I can do for the summer. Probably some Korean cooking lessons or even knitting :-). Photography is also good but might be quite expensive. Have any tips?