Wednesday, February 10, 2010

3.0 magnitude earthquake in Seoul, Siheung

Just a little after 6 pm last night, a minor earthquake was felt in Seoul and other parts of Gyeong-gi including Siheung city where I live. I was then infront of my computer when I heard a thunder-like sound followed by a soft but distinct rumble. At first I didn't know what it was. My first instinct was just to run to my daughter who's at the other room to check if she had some accident with some furniture or something. Then I thought maybe it was the upstairs neighbors, their children always run around and drop things. But still I checked out the window for a trace of a thunderstorm or a traffic accident. It's been raining all day. None of those. Just within a couple of minutes, tweets have been pouring in confirming of an earthquake felt around Seoul. People were in their office or apartments when they felt their buildings shake. Fortunate that there were no casualties nor property damage.
One of the first news break is from Stephen Revere of 10 magazine.
"Yes, that was an earthquake you just experienced. Sure it was a mild, 3 to 4 seconds, but it was an earthquake. Details are just coming in, but it appears that is was a 3.0 earthquake centered in Gyeonggi Province’s Shiheung City.
Korean twitter is alight with updates of Koreans from all over the northern part of the peninsula , which seems to be the only place that has felt it. Twitters out of Daegu and South Jeolla Province say that they didn’t feel anything, but the greater Seoul area appears to have all felt it. Most of the tweets are talking about how safe they previously felt from earthquakes, but they are now not feeling as secure as they did before".
Here are the reports on Yonhap, Koreatimes, and JoongangDaily.


phoebe said...

i just learned about it in the evening news... as in kanina lang! buti naman walng casualties.

Jempres said...

hindi naman sya masyadong na-feel but because of the Haiti disaster and the report that came out last month about Seoul being unsafe for a 7.0 earthquake, medyo maraming ng-worry.