Thursday, February 11, 2010

Filipino market in Hyehwa-dong faces closure

While we were still shaken about that minor earthquake, another report broke out. Filipino market in Hyehwa-dong is facing CLOSURE! From the Korea Times report:

Jongno District Office in Seoul has told the Filipino community to stop holding a market in Hyehwa-dong, citing complaints from passers-by and residents.”

This is indeed sad and disappointing. The weekly market has been there since 1997. It has become a representation of the Filipino culture in Korea, a mark of the Filipino community in Korea. Lots of Filipinos, some from other parts of the country travel to Hyehwa to have a taste of home, purchase their Filipino food supply, meet their friends and families and also attend the mass in Hyehwa Catholic Church.

According to Father Alvin:
"The reasons they gave up us was one, they received complaints from neighbors and pedestrians in the area; two, there were concerns about cleanliness and order; three, they want to redevelop the sidewalk and include a waterfall wall in the area; and four, they want to transfer the market to a new multicultural market," the priest told The Korea Times over the phone. "It's a Philippine way of life. We go to church, then go to the market to buy provisions and meet friends. It's an expression of Philippine culture. The national government has a policy about supporting multiculturalism in Korea, but there seems to be a contradiction with the district office's plans. The church and the market should go together and not be separated," he said.

Huwat?! Complaints from neighbors and pedestrians- it’s been there for more than a decade. Did they only get the complaints just now? Cleanliness and order- yeah right. Relocation to a new multicultural street, the market is there because it is beside the church. These can be just lousy excuses. There may be more to it than what it seems. Or it could just be because of the redevelopment project. They are just throwing in some other excuses reasons to give the market a negative appeal. Whatever it is, I hope that they arrive at a resolution which can be beneficial to both the district government and the Filipino community.
Check out the whole report on Korea Times.

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* Hyehwa station exit 1

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jehan said...

hi Jempres!

i hope they'll solve this objectively too.

i know when it comes to "basura" may problems talaga ang ibang pinoy... like ate Betchay said, i never stayed there like until after 5pm so i don't really know how the place looks like after everyone has left...