Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm Now a YouTuber

So I just recently joined youtube. I finally registered for an account. Been watching videos on YouTube for so long that I didn't really feel the need to sign up. I thought that's only for those who upload videos. But then I started wanting to subscribe to certain channels. So here I am, officially a YouTuber. Anyways, one of my favorites among the 'youtube stars' is this Pinoy lip-synching duo Moymoy Palaboy. They are said to have garnered over 4 milliion hits and thousands of subscriptions all over the world. But their official youtube account has recently been suspended for~ guess what, yeah copyright issues. Anyways, here is a video of their new song (not lip-synched) 'Lumayo ka man sa Laklak' a sort of parody of the two songs Lumayo ka man sa akin and Laklak.

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jehan said...

thanks jempress! oh, i almost forgot about them already... i watch some gma show clips on youtube... i might as well sign up too, hehe... thanks for sharing this... really entertaining..