Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Starbucks at SM Bicutan

An appointment brought me a little farther to the south. As I've got more than an hour to spare, I decided to go to the nearby SM Bicutan to kill the time. I thought a cup of hot Caramel Macchiato would be a perfect company on this rainy day. I've already gone to all three levels of the mall looking for that familiar sight but still no sign of it. When I inquired the friendly customer service girl, she said (with empathy all over her face! )there's NO STARBUCKS around, or any other coffee shop for that matter. Another CS girl told me that there is however Pancake House at the main mall. I don't see the point but hey she tried to help.

I ended up going to the French Baker though. I ordered Four Seasons and Peach Danish which I can't decide whether it is too sour or too sweet. The lady server is very nice and accomodating though. I guess in this part of the metro, there is still good customer service.

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