Sunday, July 13, 2008

Couple or Trouble?

A1 Sauce and Heineken Beer
These two items are the best inventions of humankind. You can never go wrong with the beer plus a good piece of steak with the A1 will satisfy all your meat cravings. Just tune in to your fave sports channel (or in my case- DVD marathon) and you're good to go.
Two nights ago, our stomachs grumbled at 2AM. We wanted good comfort food but the only things open at that time are the fastfoods around the neighborhood. So we went a little bold to try the nearby 'redlight district' for some eats. So there it is, a stone's throw from the busy business district a 24 hour bar/cafe that serves really, really good food. We ordered some steak, grilled prawns and an all time favorite- Sinigang na Hipon. We had heineken beer and a bitter & sour cranberry juice. The prices are considerably reasonable but the drinks are a bit pricey.
Since it is located in the middle of redlight district, most of the customers are foreigners with local girls as their dates. Mostly Europeans and girls with very bad English and squeaky voices. Our meal would have been ruined if not for the 50s and 60s background music with James Dean, Elvis, and other 50s pictures everywhere. Just try not to look at the picture of that disgustingly fat and overweight lady by the stairs after eating.

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