Sunday, December 19, 2010

Webby is Free! Check out his Top 10 reactions/questions

This is a stolen copied post from the really funny blog of Professional Heckler.
Do you remember Dobby the house-elf when he was set free? he blurted.. ~Dobby is Free! Yeah I stole that too. ;p


Fifteen years after he and six others were imprisoned for the massacre of three Vizconde family members, Hubert Jeffrey Webb, son of former Senator Freddie Webb was acquitted by the Supreme Court Tuesday, December 14. Shortly after his release, one joke that circulated online said Hubert was astonished to learn that 15 years later, Mara Clara is still being shown on TV.

But wait, there’s more. Here goes…

Hubert Webb’s Top 10 Reactions/Questions After He Got Home Following His Release From the New Bilibid Prisons

No. 10: “Whaaaaaaat? Single pa rin si Kris?!”

No. 9: “Does Kabayan ever get tired? He’s been doing TV Patrol for like… forever!”

No. 8: “Can you turn the radio on to Campus Radio please? I wonder what’s the new No. 1 song on Triggerman’s Top 20 at 12.”

No. 7: “Thoss, Peek, Pennisi, Seigle, Norwood, Weinstein, Hatfield, Carey, Dillinger. Geez! Dad, did the PBA change its name to Fil-Am Basketball of the Philippines?”

No. 6: “Sandali! Hindi kita maintindihan Joshua. Again, what’s LOL, LMAO, STFU, BRB and GTG?”

No. 5: “Mom, bakit nakatayo ang mga newscasters?”

No. 4: “Wait lang! You mean, ‘yong interview sa ‘kin kanina ni Ms Mel Tiangco was aired not on ABS-CBN but on GMA 7?

No. 3: “I always hear the name P.Noy? What’s that Pinky? A new cartoon strip like A. Lipin of the Inquirer?”

No. 2: “I don’t get it Jason. Are they insulting me or are they just pulling my leg. Do I really look fashionable? Kasi people keep saying things like, I am a hot trending topic daw. Trend? Jesus, I’ve only sported an orange shirt for the last 15 years. What trend?”

And Hubert Webb’s No. 1 reaction/question when he got home following his release from prison…

“I can’t believe this Fritz! Did Ernie Baron undergo plastic surgery? Seriously! And why the use of a screen name?!? “Kuya Kim?!?” Funny bro!! Ha-ha-ha!

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