Sunday, December 28, 2008

Filipino Version of Twilight on ABS-CBN

ABSCBN is said to have bagged the rights for a Local TV production of the phenomenal Twilight. Reports (or rumors! ) about the production which is set in February are all over. The TV series will be entitled : would you believe- TAKIPSILIM. The whole list of cast, director and even the shooting locations are even released.

But netizens are in outrage about this. A lot of Filipino fans are in protest. Nobody likes the idea of Twilight being remade into a local telenovela. Tons of them claimed to have sent hate emails to ABSCBN. Some believed it is a hoax. I can't find a confirmed report about this. Though I remember reading it on ABSCBNnews website, but for some reason it's no longer accessible. Could it be just a 'leak' to test the waters? Or a fan's dream getting out of hand?
And there's also the issue of acquiring the rights for only 1M USD. Plus the actors playing the Edward and Bella characters are well not too popular.

I'm not a big fan of the movie nor the book but I wouldn't want Edward to be saying (probably the most emotional line in both the book and movie) something like this to Bella:

"Wala na akong lakas pa para layuan ka!"

Here's the fan-made poster of Shaina and Rayver:


jehan kim said...

after "pangako sayo" i didn't find other abscbn dramas appealing anymore... i dont know why.. and with the popularity of korean dramas, i also lost interest watching american series as well... if ever, i hope they'll make a good production out of it...

Jempres said...

hi jehan, we can just hope, pero remember their remake of My Girl? The main cast are cute but then...^^
Anyways I also lost interest watching the (newer) American series so I just download older ones and just watch Disney Channel! kkkk

chizkulet said...

This is ridiculous! haha Why do they keep on imitating foreign shows?