Thursday, August 28, 2008

Have you seen the iPhone Girl?

It all started on the Apple discussion forum -, when a user posted pictures of an Asian (he said may be Chinese) in a cute pink factory outfit working on what looks an assembly line of iPhones. The British guy only known as markm49uk said that he found the pictures on his brand new iPhones he bought a few weeks ago. There were three pictures of this cute girl posing beside the iPhones, smiling and poses with V-signs beside an iPhone. They said that it appears that someone in the production line was having a bit of fun. The even commented on her being cute and hot and even her teeth being straight (for a factory worker). But also show concern about her getting so fired once the pictures spread into the blogosphere. Evidently, she is fast becoming so popular on the net as the "iPHONE GIRL". A website was even created for her - There are also reports confirmong that she may be working at the Taiwan-based Foxconn and definitely not fired.

I remember about a couple of years ago, when I was looking to buy this particular Vk Mobile model. I found only one Korean dealer who's got it. Although he said that it was just the sample unit(and the only one), I found the package satisfying and very new. Everything is included -extra battery, screen film protectors, accessories, and a lot more. And even cheap too. The only weird thing was, there were already pictures from the photo gallery. They seem to be taken in a warehouse or something, one pic with a chinky-eyed guy working on a PC . I just thought the mobile dealer took the phone camera for some test shots since it was their sample unit. But I guess that's what we get from the cellphones manufactured in China. Free pictures. Though British guy got so lucky getting the cute iPhone Girl's picture.


rohit said...

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chizkulet said...

Hi! :) She's cute though. Hehe I wonder where the British guy got his iPhone... Love your blog! :) Keep posting! :)